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A Gathering Of Friends

Saturday at Noon

At the Great Went

Come to the huge yellow RMP flag area to meet
and greet your favorite Phish Net personalities!
Tentatively to be held in between the camping areas.
Look for more specific directions posted on the
info boards inside the base.

All phans are welcome and invited!

We encourage you to bring food to share,

Drums for the drum circle,

stuff to vend,

or whatever you want!

Bring your favorite or regional Micro-Brew to throw
into the community cooler!

Bring your favorite tapes to trade with fellow tape-heads!

Win a date with Gordon Sharpless!!!!

Fun! Games!

Contact Mary, Heidi, Jen, Mike or Paul with comments, ideas or to help!


1997 The Wellington Ladies Welfare League

Last Update: 8 .06.97

Subvert the dominant paradigm!